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What's with our name?

Between the Lions Services (BTL) is named with the Egyptian earth deity, Aker, in mind. Aker is the deification of the horizon and represents where the sun rises in the East and the sun sets in the West. For BTL, it represents the significance of what happens within each of us between life and death and also living in balance. It's a reminder of the importance of continuing to learn and grow throughout life. Reading books play an important part in that.

Through our marketing and book publishing services, BTL helps entrepreneurs live in their purpose and businesses share their special gifts with wider audiences to help more people learn and grow.

About us

Experienced Creative & Marketing Management

Headed by Rhea Welch, BTLS has over twenty years demonstrated history working with companies of all sizes to execute market-facing initiatives. We now also apply that experience to book publishing as well.


What our clients say about us

Testimonials from real clients.

If you are looking for someone who is five steps ahead of you, creative, plugged into all the latest platforms and trends and can meet your specific needs in a timely fashion, Rhea is the person for you. I've worked with her in multiple capacities on a wide range of projects for over 20 years and she never fails to exceed my expectations. She simply makes everything better.


As a small business owner running three start-up companies, having Rhea as a part of the team has been the biggest sigh of relief for me! She is very knowledgeable about the backend of the site and is great at running the marketing side of the companies. She is also patient and understanding with your timeline, to which as a mom to a one year old and another on the way...is very important!


Rhea is an incredible digital marketing manager.  She is extremely thoughtful and thorough in everything she does.  She has helped my business look more professional and attract new patients via my website and social media.  I am so thankful for the amazing work Rhea has done to showcase my business in ways I never imagined.


An innovative and creative marketing leader...

F. S.

When Rhea is managing my marketing projects, I know I’m in good hands. She is creative and has thorough execution.


A true marketing professional...methodical, tactical, strategic, resourceful and above all creative and diligent.



Meet Our Founder

Rhea founder of Between the Lions Services

Rhea Welch

Founder, Creative Head

Rhea Welch is the Founder and Creative Head of Between the Lions Services. A Marketing Manager and Consultant, Rhea has worked for, and extensively partnered with, Fortune 500 companies and agencies on digital marketing and marketing strategy campaigns. Rhea is a graduate of Howard University and Baruch College. Follow Rhea on Instagram.

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